Windows are an important part of your home. Having old, cracked or broken glass windows can decrease the value of your home. If you are thinking about changing the windows of your home, you should consider energy-efficient window replacements. These replacement windows will not only enhance the appearance of your home but also help reduce your energy bills.

Econoshield provides 100% vinyl windows. These windows come with innovative energy-efficient designs and provide ease of functionality. Our windows do not require a lot of maintenance and are extremely durable.


Casement Windows

Casement windows offer an unobstructed view from all sides.  They swing open to provide superior ventilation. Depending on your preference, the replacement vinyl casement windows can be customized to open to the left or right. They have a multi-point locking system and are easy to operate as they are secured by a crank handle.

These windows are strong, energy efficient, and totally durable. They are appropriate for any type of building construction. Casement windows open up to 93 degrees which provide the ability to clean the windows from within the house. Additionally, casement windows can be made available in a variety of sizes to provide a custom fit for your home. You can choose from fixed or operational vinyl window options. As the name suggests, fixed casement windows do not open, however, they can provide maximum energy efficiency with a wide, unobstructed outside view.

  • Offer an unobstructed view
  • Easy cleaning
  • 3 Seals Advantage locking system
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Optional Triple pane glass available
  • Removable screen


Awning windows are also operated by a cranking handle, just like the casement windows. However, they open outward from the bottom. These windows provide excellent ventilation and at the same time and prevent rainwater from seeping in. As these windows open upward from the bottom, the outside weather elements do not enter your home even when you keep the windows open.

Awning windows are most often used for basements. They can be placed high on the wall to enable sunlight into the basement. When affixed in combination with large stationary windows, they take advantage of the outside view along with the air flow through the awning windows.

  • Open outward from the bottom
  • Unobstructed view while providing a protective shield from the elements
  • 3 Seal Advantage
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Multi-chambered design
  • Removable Screen

Double Hung

Double hung windows are  very popular. They are equipped with operating sashes which can move up and down. Both of these sashes can tilt inside the room which can help for easy cleaning. Double hung windows are popular because they make controlling ventilation much easier. You can open one sash or both at the same time.

Since the sashes do not open outward, these windows are the best choice for rooms facing walkways, patios or porches. Our windows come with durable tilt handles which make the operation of the tilt feature effortless.  The windows also have a sloped exterior finish to allow water to drain outside easily.

  • Two sashes that slide vertically
  • Both sashes tilt inward
  • Multi-chamber design
  • Triple weather-stripping seal system

Bay Windows

Installing bay windows is a great way to maximize space and enjoy a diverse outside view. They can make any room feel more spacious and open due to the increased light allowance and counter space. A bay window is a combination of three windows that protrude from the exterior of your home. The styles of all the three windows can differ. They can be a combination with casement, double-hung, and fixed units or all the units can be the same.

The dramatic extension of the exterior of your home adds aesthetic appeal to the overall appearance. Bay windows are one of the most popular choices among  Alberta homeowners. Many people prefer installing fixed casement windows between the two operating side-windows for maximum view-ability and airflow. On the other two sides, some people opt for double-hung or single-hung window styles, while some prefer installing operating casement windows. Master bedrooms or living rooms are the best places to have these windows.

  • Protruding curved window
  • Unobstructed view

Bow Windows

The only difference between bow and bay windows is that bay windows can have only three windows joined together. Whereas, a bow window can have three or more windows joined at equal angles to form an even curve. Having a curved window extension accentuates the view by dividing it into different planes and directions. These windows can bring in more light and make the room look more spacious.

Just like how bow windows are appropriate for master bedrooms and living rooms, even bay windows are well suited for these spaces. Bow windows are widely used in living rooms and commercial spaces as well. These windows can have different combinations of stationary and operating window styles. They also add a wonderful new dimension to your home by delivering an expansive view.

  • Protruding window
  • Offers an unobstructed view
  • Usually a smaller outside projection than a bay window
  • Adds spaciousness


There are specific size considerations for Egress windows. These windows have to be large enough in size so that a person can easily escape the house. These windows enable firemen to get in the house during emergencies as well. Alberta building codes require egress windows in basement bedrooms.

  • Essential as emergency exits, in case of a fire.
  • Alberta building codes require egress windows in basement bedrooms
  • Add aesthetic value
  • A lifetime warranty on our products

Custom Windows

We can customize windows as per your need. Most essentially, our experts have numerous ideas that can help in adding elegance to your house by customizing windows according to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

All the customized window shapes can be made with different materials. We can customize the window style (such as casement, double-hung, awning, etc.) as per your needs. On the basis of your home’s construction, there could be certain limitations to the styles that can be installed, however, our professionals have the expertise and knowledge to advise you of the best choices.

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